Sunday, December 23, 2012


1 Day Trip to Johor Bahru #1

On 28 of July 2012, I visited one day trip to Johor Bahru. I left Singapore about 7 am as it was Saturdays so the immigration could be busy. Normally, I visited Johor to go to City Square Mall where I enjoyed watching movie, eating and shopping. But this time, it was quite different. I joined a local guy who was kind enough to show us around the town by driving. He is also a photography enthusiastic about photography.

Our first destination of the day was to visit wet market. At first, I dared not take photo of the people in the market. I worried that I made them uncomfortable. However, that local guy knew some of the vendors and kept shooting in front of us. He made me more comfortable to shoot  and I got more photos than as I expected. Unlucky, I brought my compact camera on that days. It was really help because some of them didn't know that I was taking their photos. :)

What a waste? I want to drink coconut juice. :(

Last moment. :(

I took this photo while I was walking in front of him. I put the camera near my waist and pressed the shutter button all the way. Luckily, these two photos look great.

In Johor, I dare to do street shot because people are a little more friendly compared to Singapore. :)

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  1. All the shots are great and I, personally love the shrimp, the fish and the girl peeling the shrimp. Her smile is so genuine!


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