Monday, March 25, 2013


Kaung Mu Daw Pagoda

Kaung Mu Daw Pagoda conveniently is located on the way of Mandalay to Monywa. This was my first visit after the pagoda was painted to Gold. Previously, the pagoda was painted in white which lots of people' prefer including myself. However, it still looks amazing with gold color. The only problem is that it doesn't look like ancient pagoda anymore. It looks like a newly-built replica. Someone told me that this pagoda design is inspired by the shape of Queen's Breast. That's all I know about this pagoda.

It was an early morning and almost no visitor. If you want to take great photo, you will need a wide angel lens to capture the whole pagoda. As it is huge,  it was quite hard and tide to capture the whole pagoda with my 18mm lens.

Family breakfast. In Burma stray cats & dogs like to stay at temples or monasteries as these places are the safest for them. 

Souvenir stalls

A lot of Jades.

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