Sunday, March 17, 2013


Visit to Feel Restaurant

I walked to Feel restaurant from Happy World amusement park. I was quite far actually. This restaurant is quite popular among tourists because it sells varieties of Burmese foods. I think almost all the famous Burmese foods are available according to their menu. It was full house at that time and I had to wait to get a free table.

I was my first visit to this restaurant so I was not sure what to order. I only ate Mont Hin Gar and Fried Kway Teow with Seafood (ကတ္ၾကီးကုိက္). In my opinion, the taste is very average and nothing special. They also short of staff because I had to wait quite long to order food as well as food waiting time. 

I cannot remember the name of this fried. Anyone can help?

Seafood Fired Kway Teow (ကတ္ၾကီးကုိ္က္), I think the seafood is not fresh. 

Mon Hin Gar

Restaurant's outdoor kitchen.


Crowded Billboard. 

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