Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Laykyun Setkyar Standing Buddha, Monywa #2

This is inside the standing statue. During the time, the lift was still under construction. I had to visit each floor using stair case so I only managed to reach 6 to 7 floors. Each floor has its own exhibition of Buddha statues and Paintings. The interior looks very new and grand. 

How amazing? They just used Bamboo scaffolding to build this giant statue. Can you see worker in the photo?

Another Jade Buddha. 

This floor is all about hell. It shows how people have to suffer in hell if they did bad thing in lives. It is quite interesting and the paintings look stunning.

This floor all about Chinese Buddha. 

This floor is about Cambodia. 

This temple is located behind the Standing Statue. 

This dam is located on the left side of the standing statue. 

Lots of monks following Giant Buddha. You can also see the lift construction on the backside of the statue. 

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