Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Kyaut Nagar & Kyaut Kalay (ေက်ာက္နဂါး ႏွင့္ ေက်ာက္ ကေလး)

Have you ever heard of "Kyaut Nagar" or "Kyaut Kalay" pagoda near Monywa? I also never heard before this trip. On my way to Monywa to Mandalay, I saw this sign on the road side
So I asked my driver to send me to this place. It is about 8 mile away from the Monywa - Mandalay highway.

People say the giant stone is naturally look like dragon. How do you think?  Visitors already put gold leaves on it. So it becomes golden dragon.

The landscape around this pagoda is amazing. There are fews temples/Stupas near the Kyaut Nagar.

I think it is cruel to put 2 monkey in this hut. I didn't see any food or water inside the hut. The monkeys looked angry too. :(

Next to Kyaut Nagar Pagoda, there is an another attraction to see which is Kyaut Kalay (stone baby). They say the stone looks like a baby. People believe that women who wish to have a baby can come here to embrace this stone and their dream will come true.

It is quite heavy though. 

Lots of toys for Kyaut Kalay.

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