Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Aung Taw Mu Pagoda, Mandalay

Breakfast steam sticky rice.

Aung Taw Mu pagoda is not very famous pagoda among tourists but it is one of the well-known pagodas in Mandalay among local. I know this pagoda but this was  my first time visit to this place.


It is located on 63 street & 29 street not too far from east side of Mandalay moat.


Man putting gold leave on the Buddha statue.

Make a wish and throw coins into this moving bowl.

In this stall, you can buy fish and tortoise food. In addition, you can also buy fish to release them into the fish pool next to the shop. It is kind of stupid, after you have released, they can easily catch and sell it again. Do you get my point?

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