Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Shwe Kyee Myin Pagoda, Mandalay

 Shwe Kyee Myin Pagoda is located on 24th x 82nd  Street, Mandalay. It is not very far from Mandalay's backpacker hotel area. If you have extra time to spend in Mandalay, you may visit this pagoda. It is one of the famous pagoda in Mandalay. There is no admission or camera charge for visitor.

This is Samosa salad stall inside the pagoda compound. I had never eaten this food for so many years because it is quite rare to find this kind of food stall in Mandalay nowadays.  I ate one plate for lunch. It tastes great, smells great and definitely one of my favourite foods. 

Mutton satay. 

Samosa Salad.

 Nuns having lunch.

4 Aunties & 4 Kittens.

 There were a lot of cats in the compound. While I was taking photos of these kittens, one monk told me to take them home, if I want to. Most of them look quite skinny and I feel pity for them. All I can do is to pray for them be safe and together with their mothers until they become independent.

How innocent?

Book stall inside the pagoda compound.


This is not a good place for dating. :)

Outside very hot. You can come here to sleep. :)

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