Thursday, September 26, 2013


Mandalay Htoe Mont & Laphat (Green Tea Salad)

Htoe Mont & Tea Salad are popular Mandalay snacks. People who visit Mandalay like to buy those for present. You can find these stalls around the town especially near the bus interchanges or rail station.

Samples for customer to try.
This time I was at Tin Tin Aye Htoe Mont stall in front of Mandalay rail station.  There are many type of Htoe Mont. You can try all the flavors before you purchase.

This is the Ye Mon Tea Salad stall which is also located in front of Mandalay rail station. They sell not only Tea salad (Laphat) but also sell a lot of Burmese traditional snacks and dry foods like fried chilli, shrimp, ikan bilis etc. I like to shop there because of the large variety of Burmese snacks.

Da Nyin Thee Laphat


  1. I want to eat. :-)) wooooooo mouth watering..

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences through your blog. The photos of Green-Tea is so lovely, I love to eat Green-Tea is leaf by leaf like in the picture you posted above, not the paste of Green-Tea. Keep forwards.


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