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Mandalay Royal Palace #1

The signature of Mandalay city is Mandalay moat. Inside the moat there is a Mandalay palace. It is the last palace of the last Burmese monarchy. It was constructed by King Mindon between 1857 and 1859.  In 1885, British confiscated the palace and captured King Thibaw and royal family to India.  King Thibaw is the last king of the last Burmese monarchy.  For more info :

This replica palace was rebuilt in 1990. However, you can find lots of interesting antiques things like clothes, furniture, photographs, statues etc.

The palace is not easily accessible for tourists. You can only enter inside the moat through specific gates, even though there are so many gates. If you are local, you have to leave Identity card in order gain the access. For tourists, I think they have to join the tours. As this area is occupied by military base, I don't think they will allow tourists to wander around. May be they do. Security check points are located at every gate.

The entrance fee for tourists is US$10 per head. For local, there is a different fee and camera tax for those who bring camera.

Lion Throne

This King Mindon, I heard he had 99 wives. Anyone has any idea?

King Thibaw and his wife. 

This is the museum in the palace. It looks rundown but there are a lot of things to see. I just wish they renovate this room to be air conditioned room to reduce dust.

King Thibaw's photograph

King Mindon's Photograph

 Thing like this should be put inside the glass panel. 

Sorry, I already took a lot of photos.  :)

All these things should be in glass panel.  


As you can see in these photos, this place really need a face-lift. At least, they should keep this area free from dust.

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  1. Not wifes..
    May be countless concubines!!
    Just my 2 cents..


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