Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Mandalay Royal Palace #2

I still have very fond memory about this place when this palace opened to public in 1990. During that time, there was a playground and waterfall like little Disney land. In the playground, there was a mini train ride, Ferris wheel, mini golf club and different types for games. There was also a swimming pool near this palace where I learned how to swim. 

Nan Myint Tower

The tower is not very tall, however, it is still good enough to observe 360 degree view of Mandalay city.

How poor?
It was so sad to see these skinny puppies. How many days the have gone through without food? The snack vendor near the tower fed this two and he said that they are siblings and other siblings are dead. They were just eating plain rice with some curry.

Going up to the top. 

From the top of the tower, you can see almost every part of Mandalay. Thanks to my Tamron zoom lens which allowed me to take photos of Mandalay city from the tower.

MPT office

Mandalay hill resort

Atu Mashi Pagoda

Rail station

Sedona hotel

From the top, the palace looks like miniature.

Don't complain about having a bad job. Look at these guy, they are doing the very tough job. Under very hot sunlight with temperature up to 40 C, they are painting the roof and don't wear any shoe.

This building looks very interesting. 

I left this place after collecting my IC card from moat's east gate security checkpoint.

Military market?

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