Friday, January 31, 2014


River Hong Bao 2014

Once again, I have visited River Hong Bao 2014 at The float at Marina Bay. Every year there is a colorful Chinese New Year decoration at this place. According to Chinese calendar this year is the year of Horse. Thus, I saw more horses than other animals. It is open to public until 8 Feb. 

For those you want to see River Hong Bao 2013 click on the link.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Pindaya Cave #3

Our car was approaching to the cave. From here I could see the exterior of the cave and my first impression to the cave was "OMG who found out this cave among all these mountains and is there any other cave to be found?".  Usually, most of the caves which I had been are located at the bottom of the mountain. I mean the entrance of the cave is usually at the base of the mountain. However, the entrance of the Pindaya cave is in the middle of the mountain. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Pindaya Cave #2

This is one of my favourite photos during this trip. I wanted to stop the car and enjoy this view but the driver was driving too fast and this is the best shoot I get. Thanks to Tamron  18-270mm zoom lens to get this shoot. 

On the way to Pindaya, you will see cauliflower and cabbage farms. It looks really beautiful. The greenly plants look amazing on the dark red soil.  I recommend to stop for awhile and enjoy the scenery instead of non-stop driving to Pindaya cave.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Singapore Chinese New Year Decoration 2014

These are the photos from my last Sunday outing. There are two locations to shoot Decoration during CNY period. One is at China Town and another is River Hong Bao at Marina Bay.  All these photos were taken from China Town alone. I will go another outing for River Hong Bao when it starts to open for public.

According to Chinese calender, this year is the year of horse. Thus, you can see a lot of horses in the decoration. If you want to see last year decoration (Year of Snake), please click here.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Pindaya Cave #1 (Breakfast in Nyaung Shwe & Heading to Pindaya Cave)

The hotel manager helped us arranged taxi to go Pindaya Cave, Taunggyi & Htan San cave. The taxi fare was 70000 Kyats for the entire trip (as of 2011 Sept). I think it was very reasonable fare because It was a whole day trip and each place is very far from each other.  For example, the actual route is  like this  Htan San cave -> Taungyi -> Nyaung Shwe-> Pindaya Cave. Our itinerary of the day is as follow :
- Check-out from hotel at Nyaung Shwe and visit Pindaya Cave
- Go to Taungyi for Lunch & check-in Baggage at hotel
- Visit Htan San cave (about 2 hours drive from Taungyi) & drive back to Taungyi for overnight stay.

As can see in my itinerary, we were traveling in one circle.

Before we drove to Pindaya, we had Shan breakfast at Nyaung Shwe Town.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Inle Lake (Return to Nyaung Shwe & Dinner)#12

Our boat stopped here for awhile. At first I didn't know why our boat man stopped here, actually he want us to see the fishing farm in this place. There is a big fishing net under this house to raise fish. I am more interested to take photo of the men playing Chin Lone and forgot take photo of fish. 

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